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Parowan and Kimura at Confuzzled 2016 by Mystic-Creatures
Parowan and Kimura at Confuzzled 2016
Parowan Coyote (owolf) and Kimura Snep took the wonderful sunlight for a photo opportunity at Confuzzled.

Both suits made via ductape dummies, heads entirely 3D printed, articulated yaws.
Scath Schattenklaue - Partial fursuit wolf head by Mystic-Creatures
Scath Schattenklaue - Partial fursuit wolf head
Fresh back in the workshop after a few days at the families place to care for my mother,
finally i get around to post pics of Scath Schattenklaue.

This unusual colored wolf is for a partial suit commission done for :iconazili: .

As usual, comes with a moving yaw and 3D printed skull base.
Ears are made somewhat floppy, to allow more fluffy abuse. :)

Now just to finalize the hind paws and the suit should be complete.
Calico Cat 'Erys' - flash photography version by Mystic-Creatures
Calico Cat 'Erys' - flash photography version
This kitten fursuit head was made for Eurofurence 2015 Dealers Den and bought by Vixus, including a partial upgrade for paws and tail.

This photo series is taken with camera flash ON to demonstrate the reflective eyes.
They are metalized and will sparkle in camera flash and sunlight.

- 3D printed head base
- reflective metalized mesh eyes
- articulated moving yaw
- concealed back zipper

( I'm very happy how this one turned out and will happily create some kitty brothers/sisters. Would you like to adopt one ? ^^ )
Parowan at Anthrocon 2015 by Mystic-Creatures
Parowan at Anthrocon 2015
This is Jay Parowan, a coyote fursuit a friend commissioned. ...literally finished last minute.
(15 minutes later and I wouldn't have made it in time to the post office for express shipping, so he could get it the next day and fly it over to AC. )

The head is 3D printed, features fully articulated yaw and full field of vision mesh eyes.
The entire suit is made of premium faux furs, Just a tiny bit of airbrushing going on in the face, to help with blending colors.


Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
Hi there and thank you for stopping by.
This is the DA-space of Mystic-Creatures' custom fursuits and costumes.
Feel free to also visit the live Studio-Videostream:…

Contacting us:
While you can often reach me through any of the messenger services below, I would like to point out that these have a tendency to loose messages.

If you want to make sure a message reaches me, please use email. Emails are also the only binding online correspondence for commissions. Any IM discussion about commissions or details is void until copied into email and confirmed by me.

Please understand that, when talking to a lot of people via different channels, this is the only way for me to properly keep track of things.

ICQ: 619595857
Twitter: MysticCreatures

QUOTES are currently Open
Commission slots are currently Open
New fursuit commissions will likely not be worked on before summer 2014.
Thank you everyone who booked slots for this year and keep me so busy. :-)

To be fair to the client, I price every item on the actual amount of work that goes into it and the actual material cost. I am also only working with high or at least medium quality fauxfur. I will not use cheap funfur, because it ages too fast. Therefor these price examples are just to give you a rough idea. Feel free to inquire a more precise quote any time.

- Partial fursuits: Starting at 1,000 Euro
- Full fursuits: Starting at 1,600 Euro (expect something like 2,000 to 3,000 on final quote if you add more options )
- Tail: Usually 60 - 150 Euro (depending on size and complexity)
- Set of hand paws: 100 Euro (and up)
- Set of foot paws: 150 Euro (and up)
- Fleece hat: 25 Euro
- Jammies, Kigurumi, Sleepwear: price upon request

For bigger projects partial payments are possible and encouraged.
After playcing the agreed upon order, you will be asked for about 25% down payment up front to cover material cost. Further down payments should be made either over time or upon reaching milestones. Final payment is due when the costume is finished, before it is shipped or handed over.

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